Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Titchfield Canal

Last Friday we decided to take a stroll along the Titchfield Canal from Titchfield village through to Hill Head which is on the coast line. It’s around a 3 mile walk each way so nothing to strenuous. The canal is regarded as the second oldest man made canal in Britain.

Along the way there were plenty of butterflies and birds but perhaps not the best time for observing as there were lots of dog walkers and ramblers.
One thing that I was aware of was the speed that people were walking along the canal. It was a like a race from A to B and back again but did they really see anything on the way?

Ok I admit I was probably the same until recently..  One thing I definitely learnt from the recent course I attended was to SLOW DOWN.....

Anyway here are a few pics of some of the sightings I made...  One butterfly that I did see which unfortunately I don’t have a picture of was the Orange Tip. I also noted the cuckoo-flower that the orange tip larvae feed on.


 Canada Goose





 Speckled Wood Butterfly

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