Monday, 17 September 2012

A Stroll Along Titchfield Canal

After a nice roast dinner I decided to take a stroll along the Titchfield Canal. I made my way up the canal towards Titchfield Haven without seeing much at all due to the volume of walkers, dogs and cyclists. On the way back down the canal I sat for a while in the hope that the traffic would thin out a bit as the evening approached.
As I sat there taking a sip of water I could hear a nibbling sound followed by debris falling from the hawthorn bush above me. I looked up to see a beady eye staring back at me.

 The squirrel just sat there for the next ten minutes watching me watching it whilst have its Sunday tea..

The next sighting was Cormorant that had just taken off from the adjacent field..  

Near the car park, on the other side of the canal was a meadow. Here there were two Roe Deer grazing, a doe and her fawn. The fawn was a lot lighter than mum and still had a few white spots on its back.

I stayed here and watched them grazing for at least 20 minutes..


  1. very nice pics, thanks!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoyed the pics....