Sunday, 2 October 2011

Roe Deer - Whiteley Woods Hampshire

An evening stroll through Whiteley Woods rewarded me with a Buck and Doe Roe deer sighting.
After a brief zone in I made my way along one of the wide paths between the woodland. There was a lot of movement and noise most of which were squirrels.. noisy little buggers. As I made my way along the path there were numerous tracks leading off into the woodland. Here I saw evidence of Fox, Deer and Rabbit. When I reached the watering hole I made myself comfortable and waited for the sun to go down. To my delight from one of the well used tracks a Buck and a Doe Roe came out of the woodland and across the track towards the watering hole. I managed to get some footage but some of the video is a little dark due to the falling light. It’s also a little shakey in places due to the fact that the midges were eating me alive....

As I type the swelling has now gone down after two days and all of the bites are becoming apparent and very itchy...   

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  1. Nice footage Nigel. You can hear the midges on film!!