Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wildlife Watching at a Distance

There are times when you’re out looking for wildlife, you know it’s there in the distance but it just doesn’t want to come your way. One way to get around this is to bring it to you..  Well electronically that is.

A few evenings back with my camera and long lens in hand I went to the small strip of woods at the end of my road where I set up on the edge of the field the adjoins the woodland. In the distance I could see a Roe Deer feeding along the tree line. This was a very open space and there was no easy way with kit in hand to approach the deer without the risk of scaring it off.

So with the telephoto lens at 400mm I switched to the 640x480 video crop mode (this gives a 7x magnification which adds up when you have a focal length of 400mm) where I managed to get some great footage of the Roe feeding.

The footage is a little grainy due to low light but clear enough to watch.
Watching the Roe through the view finder doesn’t substitute being close up but it was still a pleasant relaxing half hour wildlife watching...

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